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Acer Aspire AS5251 Laptop Review - A Sub $ 400 Laptop

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The full HD display in 8 inch screen is backed with IPS technology and vivid colors use in-plane switching, which displays a 180-degree viewing angle. The five-finger multitouch technology helps it seamlessly integrate with Windows 8 to assist users enjoy improved control. The detachable cover keeps your machine protected, when not in use along with the stylus makes browsing, editing documents, taking notes much easier. The cameras help you in enjoying video chats, web conferences plus much more with great clarity.

The Face Recognition feature prevents your info in getting into wrong hands, because the stored images act as the recognizing feature, to give access just for people you truly trust. The online connectivity options can direct you towards easily connecting to the internet anytime and anywhere. Lenovo cloud storage feature is similar to an icing on the cake, which will help in protecting your files and data, while making file sharing far easier. The automatic backup and data synchronization, offers quick access to multiple devices.

This ensures added a higher level security. Who is mindful of what are the foreseeable future will convey because of this new partnership. Apple supporting Intel processors would not have even crossed my thoughts a calendar year back but the following we are. Despite the fact that the Intel dual core processors are a good deal less costly as opposed to AMD dual core offerings, AMD revenue still appear to be soaring although Intel processor sales are having a continual decline.

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